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We Could Be Insane

"A blinding spinning light"

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes, no matter how well suited two people can be for one another it just doesn't work out. You could drive yourself to insanity working out why, but ultimately it's best to just let nature take its course.

Although this was the first single I released, it wasn't the first one that was written. I had originally planned on the lead track on the album "Those That Bite" being the first release, but it just didn't feel finished enough. "Insane" came about very quickly. As soon as I had the chords down for the chorus, the lyrics and melody came instantly. One of those moments where everything just flowed.

The inspiration for the video actually came from a t-shirt of mine that is covered in slightly unsettling clown visages. Big thanks to my local cafe and the patrons that day for being such terrific sports and letting my pratfall of clowns  terrorise them for a day!

No I didn't just Google the collective term for a group of clowns, what are you talking about?

I can’t shake that night

It sticks in my head, a blinding spinning light


You dared to ask a surprising thought

I never thought would pass



We could be insane

Do you feel the same?

Your truth could cause me too much pain

Yeah, we could be (insane)


I guess it’s true

Given the time gone by, I should be over you







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