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Those That Bite

"Potless and broken"

Those That BitePaperSailor
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To me, the opening song on an album has two very important jobs: firstly, to grab the listeners attention immediately, and secondly to set the tone for the rest of the record. I think the huge, wailing noise at the start of this song does these two things extremely well. 

I guess this is what you could call my "anti-establishment" song. After a frustrating experience with the tax man that left me on the verge of a nervous breakdown, pretty much everything hit me like a bolt of lightning: the riff, the lyrics, the "I don't owe you shit" chant ringing in my ears.

There are those that are genuinely trying to make ends meet as best they can, and there are those that bite the hand that feeds right under their nose, as plain as day.

The Government would do well to distinguish between the two.

It looked so easy to me, what could go wrong?

No strings attached

But little did I know I’d have to tiptoe,

Through this aftermath


(I don’t owe you shit)



Potless and broken: that’s how you leave the honest man

Yet your skin is numb to all those that bite your feeding hand


On and on it goes, it never ends

No end in sight

So just take it from me, this joke belongs to all those that bite


Now you’ve had your fun, just listen close

To the words I spit:


(I don’t owe you shit)








(I don’t owe you shit)

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