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Presuming you've actually listened to the song before delving into this section (who watches the making of first?), you'll probably have noticed this is an instrumental track. Nothing screams experimenting with your sound than an instrumental track, right?!

I think this might be the quickest I've ever finished an entire idea, clocking in at around 2/3 hours. I was playing around with a loop station pedal, fired up some delay and reverb and the main guitar riff was immediately spawned. Recorded using a Stratocaster for that extra twangy sound.

I love the spooky vibe to this. I've always wanted to write a video game sound track (any devs out there, hit me up!) and I think this would be right at home on some pixel art, 2D dungeon crawler. Rogue-like elements optional (if you know, you know).

Video walkthrough

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