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"I'm more than just a number"

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I recently got made redundant after 12 years of service (no I'm not naming the company). Suffice to say, it did not feel very good. It wasn't something that was suddenly dropped on me, it was a gradual process with an inevitable outcome. Clinical would be a good word to describe it. To be told you're a valued employee and you're no longer needed in just a few sentences... the irony is lost in the paperwork somewhere.

Another riff I had sitting around for a long time, I finally found use for it after playing around on my synth. Have I mentioned synths yet? Synths are good. Get one.

(Hmm) Consider this:

You’ve stuck around for twelve, how about twelve more?

Just sign right here, it’s crystal clear

You’ve got nothing to lose, but that which you hold dear


(Yeah) I hear your words

They mean nothing to me, they fall silent to the floor

You’re wondering which way I’ll swing

This is trodden ground and your noose is naught but string



You say you don’t need me now

Well I say that I’m more than just a number


(Hmm) Supposedly

I hold value to you, like some trinket to adore

Dishonesty, mediocrity:

These palms should not be greased, nor granted amnesty



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