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I have a limited-time offer, just for you!
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Here's what I have for you...

This t-shirt is normally £10, but you get it for FREE!

(Just let me know your size in the order summary)

A limited-edition vinyl version of my first album "No Strings Attached" for FREE, just pay Shipping & handling!​


First access to pre-order the limited-edition vinyl version of "Pictures of Black Holes" with FREE shipping & handling!​

That's a whopping 55% discount...

If you live in the UK, that's a total value of £47 brought down to just £21.15!

If you live anywhere else, Don't worry, you're still saving! A total value of £67 to just £30.15!

Pretty good deal, right? Just click the button below:

-add the Pictures of Black Holes Mega Pack to your cart
-Use the discount code POBH55 and voila! 55% off!

-(Don't forget to put your t-shirt size in the order summary!)

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