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Lizard Love

"Fear and doubt, I feel it spread"

A song about a love once lost. On the surface, its about pining after someone once the relationship has ended, but it's really more about how if the person truly meant something to you, there's always that lingering flame, never to be doused.

The arpeggiated synth in the chorus was added way after the song had been finalised. On its own, it sounded so out of place, but on a whim I decided to add it in. I'm extremely glad it's there, it really gives the chorus such a huge lift. It was a rare occasion where I literally jumped out of my chair with excitement upon hearing it all together. 

My second music video, this will forever remain one of my proudest moments. Walking the streets of Glasgow as a 6'4" lizard man was weird for me, never mind the passers-by! Fun fact: I had to keep re-applying black make-up around my eyes throughout the entire shoot. By the end of the 10 hour day, I could barely see and the next morning I was in a serious amount of pain. How many other people would nearly blind themselves in the name of art? Totally worth it.

“This is for the best” you said

Fear and doubt, I feel it spread

Through my flesh and through my bones

This is more than sticks and stones


Of all the twists life can throw

Breaking through the status quo, because

Even though it went this way

There’s always time for you in my day



It’s always you that I dream of

Yeah, I bet you don’t, I bet you don’t at all

It’s always you that I dream of

Yeah, I want you to know, I want you to know

This chain will never break


O’er hills and far away

This is where I thought we’d play

But I guess this lizard love of mine

Has shed its skin with me entwined







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