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Lead & Mercury

"Such feelings are dangerous"

Lead & MercuryPaperSailor
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As with the previous song on the album, simplicity is absolutely key here. That and synths. I really wanted to play around with what a lot of pop and hip hop music does, using the same notes/chord progression repeating throughout the entire song, but adding layers to differentiate between verses/choruses etc. It works to great effect in my opinion, with the lyrics echoing said simplicity. Speaking of which:

Coming to the realisation that someone you once held on a pedestal is in actual fact very bad for you is an extremely tough life lesson. A character building lesson to be sure, but a tough one none the less.

Such feelings are dangerous

Such feelings, they hold some truth

Such feelings ingrained in us

Such feelings in the bloom of youth

You’re bad for me



You’re bad for me


Such feelings, they ebb and flow

Such feelings intensify

Such feelings, they’ll never show

Such feelings from a time gone by

You’re bad for me







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