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"I took the bait like the fool I am"

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I'd had the chorus and middle section to this song kicking around my brain for a long time, I was just never sure what to do with them. The light bulb moment came when I realised I was over complicating things. So the verse is basically the same chord progression as the chorus, just re-orchestrated slightly. Keep it simple, stupid!

Definitely the wordiest song on the album, it's about how even the people you've known the longest have the ability to bait you hook, line and sinker. 

I thought I caught some early signs

But at the time I just told myself it was all in my mind


How you managed it, I can’t tell

I took the bait like the fool I am, hoping high against hell


We should have shifted from first gear

On the cusp of something real, what a waste of a year


You disappear into the London mist

With no reply, just dire straights, was there something I missed?



Hey boy, I know your secret

Don’t worry now, you know I’ll keep it


You’re hanging on by a single thread

Baited sharks sniffing at your heels in the water you tread


In the end, you’ll always be this way

Another toy, a shiny figurine in the game that you play







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