PaperSailor is an alt rock band from multi-instrumentalist Michael Wilson, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Fusing huge riffs & sweeping, synthetic loops & melodies, Michael has crafted a unique style that stands out amongst the crowd, often described as a blend of Nine Inch Nails and Royal Blood.

The debut album "No Strings Attached" was released on April 24th, 2020. despite being released during the height of a pandemic, it proved a hit for the burgeoning fan base, garnering over 4,000 plays on Spotify alone in the first few months. Small movements to be sure, but all big things come from humble beginnings. Reyt Good Magazine called the album "a therapeutic burst of rage that is extremely memorable".

Singing drummers are hardly new, but it's definitely rare to see nothing but a singing drummer helm the stage. Early on, this was a move that worked to grab peoples attention, with the general consensus being "how on Earth does he have the energy to do that?!" Michael has since recruited session musicians, a necessary step in taking the already explosive live performance to dynamic new heights.

PaperSailor has hit the local scene hard in 2022, and with the second album "Pictures of Black Holes" due for release on December 2nd, the next year is looking promising for PaperSailor.


No Strings Attached

Deepest GoldPaperSailor
00:00 / 04:24
Those That BitePaperSailor
00:00 / 03:58
Demon's TonguePaperSailor
00:00 / 03:51
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