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Deepest Gold

"Burned out like a cigarette"

Deepest GoldPaperSailor
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Now the conception of this song is interesting. Hands down my favourite song on the album. Much like the opening song to an album, the closing track has an important job: it's the culmination of everything that has came before. It has to convey every previous thought and emotion with satisfying closure. 

One lonely summers night when I was feeling pretty low about myself, I grabbed a bottled whiskey and sat in my garden from 6pm to about 3/4am. Some fairly dark thoughts drifted through my head. I woke the next day to find I had written a poem. That poem turned into this song.


I had never written a song around the lyrics before. Usually for me they're what I fit around the music based on the vibe I get. It really forced me to work the music part of my brain in a completely different way.

Given my drunken state while penning these lyrics, I've interpreted them as a way of saying feelings should not be bottled up. They end up being released in sometimes unthinkable ways. Find someone to talk to.

You're never truly alone, no matter how much you think you are. 

Hello whiskey, my deepest friend

Of which I’m glad you have no end

You burn my neck and you soothe my wounds

The darkest depths I’ve yet consumed



Knock ‘em back to the sunset

One more at the fold

Burned out like a cigarette

(Coloured deepest gold)


The empty glass I can bare no more

So once again, I begin to pour

This golden syrup into the glass

My deepest friend, we meet at last







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